Artist: Diana Eicher
Event: Northern Spark June 2015, Minneapolis, MN
Location: Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)

Participants engaged, embraced and summoned their inner child to the Disco Roller Printing Party, a fun and zany event that was at MCAD for Northern Spark! Participants roller-skated to the disco sounds of the 1970s while they experimented with several printmaking techniques. Roller skates in a range of sizes for kids and adults alike were available to use in the MCAD Disco Roller Rink for no charge! People skated with their friends and family and showed off their fancy moves under the disco lights. They also experimented with printmaking techniques using old roller skates and learned how to print headbands or armbands with glow-in-the-dark-ink to wear at the disco and afterwards. All supplies were provided. People just needed to bring their sense of adventure and were ready to roll!

D. Mort Eicher is an artist who loves just the thought of roller-skating, glow-in- the-dark-ink and printmaking. She coordinates the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Printshop & Paper Studios.