Bee Arts

Bee Arts to Bring Awareness Through Creativity

Rebecca Masterman, Entomology, CFANS
Marla Spivak, Entomology, CFANS
Diana Eicher, Printshop & Paper Studio, MCAD
Irve Dell, Robert Rosen, Kira Obolensky, & Shawn McConneloug, The Gymnasium at Studio 206

Bee Arts will enact a series of events and opportunities for artists and scientists interested in “cross-pollinating” knowledge and ideas about bees. The current decline of bee populations poses a significant threat to our nation’s food system, but it also represents a larger decline in our planet’s health. Bee Arts activities and events will inspire cross-disciplinary artistic projects that ponder the role of bees beyond their economic necessity: how do bee matter in our creative lives, our community and environment, and our human history? Our collaborative aims to foster new relationships between artists and scientists through workshops, talks with invited speakers, development of collaborative projects, and a public exhibition. Core collaborators and facilitators of Bee Arts include University of Minnesota faculty from the Entomology Department, beekeepers from the UMN Extension program, and local and international artists.

Interview with Diana Eicher

This interview was done by the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Advanced Studies, Bat of Minerva series.

Bee Arts was fortunate to receive an IAS grant in 2015-16.